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DayScheduler was developed as a way to provide visibility of daily availability of a resource (person or thing) and offer users the ability to request bookings.

No more excel spreadsheets

No more paper-based systems you can not share

No more back and forth on emails!

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Key Features:

  • Monthly view of booked and available days.
  • Easy to use. Touch Friendly. Use Anywhere
  • Adapts to any screen size: phones, tablets, laptops, desktop
  • Ability to display data. Private or public
  • Click on available date to request booking
  • Emails requests, and allows owner to confirm / decline
  • Three stages of booking: On hold, Tentative, Confirmed
  • Admin Interface to enter date notes, comments, status changes, block days,and more!
  • Provides ability to export data
  • History Logs of activities made


DayScheduler works for all sorts of business owners that schedule their bookins on full-day increments.

  • Saved me tons of time! - No more wasted back and forth on email to negotiate available days.

    Peter, Independent Consultant - Kansas City, KS
  • Thanks for a simple and to the point app - Love that it works on my phone and laptop!

    Sam, Equipment Rental - Milton, ND
  • Finally self-service booking that works for me! My clients love it and I do not have to keep a paper tracking system-- Thanks!

    Melissa, Interior Designer - San Diego, CA
  • I spend less time on the phone, and on email, and more time doing what I love!

    Jorge, Small Business Owner - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a Free PLAN?
YES! -- You can enable without a credit card your own instance. The only restriction is that it only allows bookings for one month ahead only.

How much does it cost?
The Paid plan is only $12 per year and it allows for unlimited months ahead.

Refunds / Cancellations?
You can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed anymore. The current billing cycle that you have already paid for is not refundable.

Who owns my data?
You do! It's your data after all! You can export all of your information from DayScheduler at any time, no matter what plan you choose.

Can I switch / cancel plans?
Absolutely. You can switch between plans at any time, or cancel your account altogether, whenever you like.

How fast will I be able to use the system?
You will be granted access to the full WEEK PLAN web application as soon as you complete the order process.

Have any other questions? If you have questions about DayScheduler or the sign up process,
please use the Contact Us form below. We will be glad to answer all your questions!


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You will be setup with an initial FREE account for you to keep.
Only restriction is that you can only accept bookings for one month ahead.
At any time, you can upgrade to a paid plan ($12/year) within the application.

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